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A New Project: CIM1005-24 Discrete Signal Amplifier

A new project emerges from the CESYG laboratory: the CIM1005-24 discrete signal amplifier. Based on well-respected designs of the 1970s (an exceptionally good decade!) the CIM1005-24 is both a versatile audio module and brings some classic transistor sound to the audio path.

22.11.2016. 20:36

SUMIX Reborn

Several years ago the SUMIX project - a 5-channel audio mixer module - was proposed. For various reasons it was cancelled. Now SUMIX is reborn as a modular mixing system following about two years of planning and design. As the first module prototypes are developed and tested you can find out more about the background, philosophy and initial technical details of SUMIX.
-- Neil

03.04.2016. 00:16